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Purdue University, Indiana

Last month, I returned to Indiana, spending time with the Indiana Health Forum and consolidating the relationship we’ve built with them, via the Scottish Lifesciences Association. Why Indiana? Because we believe there are huge synergies between Indiana and Scotland when it comes to life sciences, and that we have the…

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5 August 2022| Viewpoint
lab technician analysing a sample

When it comes to people-orientated professions, it’s safe to say that recruitment is right up there at the top of the list. People are our job and the more we understand them, the better we perform. This is what makes Shauny Jenkins particularly well qualified for her role as Recruitment…

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2 September 2021| Viewpoint
people writing out a to-do list in a notebook

The events of the past 18 months have thrown up all sorts of unforeseen situations, and every single industry is operating in a landscape they could not previously have envisaged. Sometimes that’s been a good thing, sometimes a little less so, sometimes a bit of both. What is very clear…

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24 August 2021| Viewpoint
sampling from test tubes

If the past year’s pandemic has reinforced one thing for me, it’s that there is an undoubted skills shortage in the UK Life Sciences sector. Whilst of course the race for efficient, effective testing, health care and vaccination has called upon the sector more than ever before, I’m not just…

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14 April 2021| Viewpoint
team playing sports

On the eve of the men’s 6 Nations rugby tournament, we thought it would be good time to illustrate the similarities between rugby and business when it comes to getting the right team in place. What can rugby teach us about building a team? The worlds of rugby and business…

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4 February 2021| Viewpoint