Placing women into STEM disciplines

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When it comes to people-orientated professions, it’s safe to say that recruitment is right up there at the top of the list. People are our job and the more we understand them, the better we perform.

This is what makes Shauny Jenkins particularly well qualified for her role as Recruitment Consultant. With a degree in Psychology and Counselling, and an MSc in Human Resources, Shauny is fascinated by what makes people tick and is motivated to ensure all candidates are given a fair chance, instilling them with the ability to truly believe in themselves.

This attitude has had a particular impact upon Shauny’s track record when it comes to placing women into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) positions. Whilst the statistics show that much has been done to redress the gender imbalance in these fields by encouraging women to study and then forge careers in STEM, there is still some way to go.

Recruitment specialists like Shauny are leading the way in this respect, and whilst she is quick to point out that this was not a conscious decision, her natural ability to help her candidates realise their potential, increase their confidence and voice their skills effectively has undoubtedly contributed to her success in placing 20+ women into STEM-specific roles.

But regardless of who is she representing, it’s Shauny’s outstanding people skills and her ability to immerse herself in her clients’ business that really make the difference.

Taking personality and attitude, just as much as technical ability, into account is critical when it comes to effective, long-term candidate placement. In her own words, Shauny’s job frequently sees her building relationships with candidates who are “absolute geniuses”, and she is keen to use this as an opportunity for personal development, knowing that she can learn so much about the Life Sciences sector from these experts.

That not only ensures Shauny places her candidates the roles they were made for, but also means she’s up to speed with sector developments, jargon, trends and the candidate marketplace – fundamental when dealing with her clients, and invaluable when it comes to sourcing the right candidates for them. No relying on online keyword searches for Shauny when it comes to sourcing talent.

Talent for a Sustainable Sector

This marketplace knowledge and sector understanding is particularly important as the UK Life Sciences sector faces an ever-growing skills shortage. Recent graduates are critical to the future of the sector, but its immediate requirement is for a combination of skills and experience which cannot be achieved overnight. We asked Shauny for her thoughts on how to manage that talent gap before it becomes a crisis:

“In the longer term, the answer lies in sector partnerships with schools and universities, which will provide the practical experience and exposure to allow entry level employees to hit the ground running. A comprehensive talent attraction strategy is the key and will require considerable levels of planning and commitment from major players within Life Sciences, as well as expert staffing solutions partners like ourselves.

“In the short- to mid-term, however, this fast-paced, continuously developing environment requires a combination of skills and experience now. In my area of specialism, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, the scope to recruit experienced individuals from across a range of highly regulated sectors is significant and could well provide a solution to at least part of the current Life Sciences talent shortage.”

Shauny’s commitment to the successful future of the UK Life Sciences sector is clear, contact her direct to find out how she can help you today.

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