The CDMO Landscape

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The CDMO Landscape – Content sourced from Life Science Networks – Full article here

The contract manufacturing market in the United States is expected to reach USD 68.32 Billion by 2029, followed by China, India and Germany. Canada is also a significant market for CDMOs, expected to reach USD 7.88 Billion.

What is a CDMO?

A Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) is a company that provides outsourced services for the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and related products.

Here’s a breakdown of what CDMOs typically offer:

Development Services: CDMOs offer services for drug development, including formulation development, analytical method development, process development, and scale-up activities.

Manufacturing Services: CDMOs provide manufacturing services for drug substances (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients – APIs) and drug products (finished dosage forms). This can include small-scale manufacturing for clinical trials as well as large-scale commercial manufacturing.

Packaging and Labelling Services: Some CDMOs also offer packaging and labelling services for pharmaceutical products.

Regulatory Support: CDMOs often provide regulatory support to help their clients navigate the regulatory requirements for drug development and manufacturing.

It must be noted that the CDMO landscape across the pond in Northern America accounts for nearly half of the global pharmaceutical revenues and is the world leader in contract development and manufacturing.

The Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) landscape in the UK is quite diverse, with a market value of USD 6.02 billion in 2023, with a number of companies offering a wide range of services to support the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. Here are some key players in the UK CDMO market:

Argenta: Since 2006, Argenta been the sole global CRO/CDMO specialising in animal health. We’re proud to support companies big and small with unparalleled, comprehensive support right across the animal health product development cycle from ‘molecule to market’.

TriRx: TriRx is a contract development & manufacturing organization focused on non-sterile & sterile products, animal health injectables & packaging.

Almac Group: Almac provides a comprehensive range of services from research through pharmaceutical and clinical development to commercialisation of product. They offer services such as drug discovery, API manufacturing, formulation development, clinical trial supply, and commercial-scale manufacturing.

Catalent: Catalent provides a range of development and manufacturing services for drugs, biologics, gene therapies, and consumer health products. They have facilities in the UK offering services such as formulation development, clinical supply services, and oral solid dose manufacturing.

Recipharm: Recipharm offers development and manufacturing services for pharmaceuticals in various dosage forms. They provide services including formulation development, analytical services, API manufacturing, and commercial-scale manufacturing.

Piramal Pharma Solutions: Piramal offers a range of services including drug discovery, API synthesis, formulation development, and commercial-scale manufacturing. They have facilities in the UK offering services such as API manufacturing and sterile injectable manufacturing.

Fareva: Fareva offers development and manufacturing services for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household products. They provide services including formulation development, manufacturing, packaging, and logistics.

Overall, CDMOs play a critical role in the pharmaceutical industry by providing expertise and infrastructure to support the development and manufacturing of drugs and biologics. This outsourcing model allows pharmaceutical companies to access specialised expertise and manufacturing capabilities without having to invest in their own facilities and resources.

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