How to motivate your remote team

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With Coronavirus having an unprecedented impact on every business industry across the globe, many employees in the UK are now choosing to work from home. Similarly, managers are leading remote teams for the first time.

While there are some initial challenges to be overcome, such as sourcing the required equipment and setting up a suitable workstation, home-based working can be a beneficial arrangement for both the employer and employee when done well.

To help your team adjust to these changes, we have pulled together our top tips to keep your team motivated, productive and, most importantly, healthy.


1. Keep your routine

Work from home

Work from homeWhile lounging around in your pyjamas may seem like a benefit initially, this can lead to unproductivity later. Be prepared for any video meetings by setting your alarm at the normal time, having a shower and wearing something appropriate for the office. This will help your team get into “work mode” and start the day right!


2. Set working hours


As well as keeping a routine, encourage your team to keep to their regular working hours where possible. It can be tempting to work through lunch and into the evening when you don’t have a commute to think about, but it’s important not to burn out.

Take a lunch break – and leave your desk! Eat in another room or eat outside if it’s warm. This will allow your team to take a proper break from work, returning energised and ready for the afternoon.

Bear in mind this may be challenging for some members of the team, such as those with children, so try to offer flexible working hours to those who need it.


3. Get some fresh air and exercise

person going for a walk in the forest

Spending long periods of time at a laptop is not great for your concentration anyway, but there are even more distractions at home than the office, so it’s more important than ever to take regular breaks.

If you are healthy, get outside for some fresh air, and if you can’t get outside, open a window and try stretching or yoga. Moving around and regular breaks both help to keep your blood flowing and your brain working.


4. Communication is key


Working from home can feel lonely and isolating, so it’s important to keep your team talking. Schedule a call first thing with your team or department, and ask each member to provide an update on key projects and set objectives for the day. These meetings keep your team focused on their tasks and allows you to effectively plan resources. Encourage your team to catch up throughout the day using video calls on software such as Slack or Microsoft Teams to support teamwork on shared projects.


5. No TV


Although it’s tempting, don’t watch TV while you’re working. Keeping your attention fixed on work while at home is hard enough without competing with a binge-worthy drama on Netflix. Instead, listen to the radio or create a shared team playlist on Spotify.


6. Shut down and switch off

image depicting baking

At the end of the working day, say goodbye to your colleagues and shut down your laptop. Many workers will find it hard to mentally switch off without a commute to take your mind off it, so make sure to plan a hobby for after work. Try cooking, baking, reading, or finally watch that Netflix drama!


During this uncertain and worrying time, managers can help their team stay motivated, productive and healthy by following our tips. The Entrust team are working at full capacity and would love to hear what steps you are taking, so please do get in touch.

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