Emerging Technologies in the Life Sciences Industry

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Technology continues to innovate at a faster rate than ever before, bringing vast improvements to every area of our lives.

As an early adopter, banking has been revolutionised by technological advancements. Gone are the days of queueing nervously to meet your bank manager for minor, everyday transactions. We have gone from internet banking, to mobile banking, to online banks, such as Monzo, where applications are completed online and by video, and all transactions are quickly and easily undertaken through their mobile app.

The Life Sciences industry

The Life Sciences industry has come a long way, too. 70 years ago, hospitals introduced pagers for faster communication, and today, we use technology for monitoring, diagnosing, operating, and much more. These technological advancements result in patient-centred care, that is easier to access, less expensive and more precise.

While it’s still the norm to visit your local doctor’s surgery for healthcare, we are starting to see some incredible technological developments. Now, we can book appointments and order prescriptions using online booking systems, and if you are unable to travel, you can opt for a telemedicine “virtual” visit using an app.

From everyday healthcare to big, complex problems, there are ample opportunities within the life sciences sector to benefit from these emerging technologies.

MedTech advancements

The Internet of Medical Things allow medical professionals to monitor patients remotely, around the clock, providing accurate analytics and greater insights to identify potential medical issues between appointments. There are also devices for detecting if patients have fallen and reminders for medicine and appointments.

Artificial Intelligence provides more accurate diagnoses than physicians, reducing the number of incorrect diagnoses to bring the correct healthcare to patients first time. Improved prosthetics are being developed, such as electronic skin which restores the users’ sense of touch, while 3D printing reduces costs and wait times.

In large pharma, clinical trials are brought to patients directly, reducing costs and improving ease of access. While drug discovery and drug development are becoming automated, and increasing speed and lowering costs with the use of genomic data.

Hiring the right team

With these emerging technologies already showcasing a life-changing impact on the life sciences industry, it is imperative to business success to have the right team, capable of delivering in an ever-changing climate.

As Allison Linn from Microsoft says, scientists are using “algorithms and computers instead of test tubes and beakers” and therefore we must adapt to include computer scientists, programmers and engineers in our teams.

Your Life Sciences Technology hiring partner

When Entrust first opened our doors in Scotland, nine years ago, we specialised in the technology industry supporting predominately oil and gas clients. After a strategic pivot and two recent acquisitions, we turned our attention to the life sciences community. With experience in both the technology and life sciences sectors, we are perfectly positioned to support your upcoming hiring needs.

This position has been strengthened with the addition of a “Head of Technology” role within the Entrust team. Andy Bowie joined us at the November 2019, bringing over 25 years’ experience hiring in both the life sciences and technology industries globally.

The demand for technology professionals within the life sciences industry is growing, and Andy and his team have the experience and contacts to help us meet these demands for our clients.

To discuss your upcoming Life Sciences Technology hires, contact Andy today, on andy@entrustresourcesolutions.com or 07446 121 538.






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