At the start of the year, we embarked on an ambitious growth and acquisition strategy. This started with the acquisition of Horton International (UK) in October 2018, and SCI Search and Selection in April 2019. These consultancies joined Entrust People to complete our portfolio of businesses.

With our acquisition strategy now complete, we developed the Entrust Resource Solutions brand to create a cohesive visual identity which unites our three consultancies while representing the culture and vision for the group as a whole.


Corporate Colours



We retained the main colour of each brand to celebrate the individuality and success of each consultancy. We then opted for vibrant versions of these core colours to modernise the look and feel of our visuals to prepare us for our shared future.


The Logo



For our logo, we were inspired by chemical structures before focusing solely on the hexagon which reminds us of the interlocking nature of our three brands. Our visual identity is complete with a clean, no-fuss font.



With our branding complete we have launched a new group website and social media channels to share the goings-on of the group.


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