Job Title: Senior Formulation Chemist

Posted: 2022-07-01 09:18:57

Do you have a burning desire to protect not only lives but the environment too?


In today’s environmentally conscious world, you can be a key driver in providing solutions to ensure safe operational working environments across the globe.


Using your innovative skills, you will use the latest technology to develop high quality and high-performance products as Senior Formulation Chemist


You will be based in the North West developing and formulating a range of aqueous and solvent based chemical products by identifying new components and materials.   Leading development projects to out-perform existing products, as well as providing technical support across multi-disciplinary teams.  All within the budget and timescale; utilising all your well-honed skills in colloidal / surfactants and polymers!


So, if you have a degree/PhD in Chemistry together with your unbounded knowledge of colloidal, surfactants and polymers and are ready to make your burning desire a reality, then give me a call – Martin Cove on 01606 818294 or find me on LinkedIn and message me there.

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