Job Title: Lab Project Manager

Posted: 2022-06-15 08:58:04

We are growing rapidly and are seeking to expand the team at our state-of-the-art laboratories in York (UK). We have vacancies for Project Managers to oversee the timely delivery of customer projects and internal developments. This is a chance to join an exciting discovery environment in a rapidly growing innovative biotech company.

We are seeking a highly motivated, dedicated and goal-oriented individual with excellent practical and organisational skills, who can thrive in a fast-growing company and oversee multiple projects, being run by team leaders. The successful candidate will be expected to liaise with senior management to ensure that projects are delivered in line with company direction. The Project Manager will liaise with other teams to ensure effective communication and collaboration between teams. The candidate will oversee projects at a high level and work with the production teams to ensure that the customer projects are delivered in an efficient and timely manner as well as identifying and mitigating risks to project delivery. The Project Manager will also work with the Lab Manager to ensure that equipment or supply issues are identified and dealt with effectively; and with the development team to ensure that any identified process improvements are implemented quickly and cost effectively.

o    You will lead a group of high performing scientific teams to coordinate their efforts, ensuring timely completion of multiple projects

o    You will ensure focus on quality-assured processes and delivery of high-quality customer service from the scientific teams

o    You can ensure that our working practices and processes are iterated and improved over time.

o    You will ensure execution of processes and seek iterative process improvement for efficiency, throughput, and cost reduction

o    You will participate in strategic planning with short- and long-term priorities and support in the allocation of team resources, ensuring that the team has a situational awareness of work and priorities across the company

o    You will provide practical leadership and foster a culture in which individuals strive to deliver high-quality customer service and are empowered to provide solutions to problems or improve processes

o    You will ensure that employees have a dynamic and supportive workspace and the resources necessary to provide outstanding services to clients

o    You will support the development of team members through mentorship or directed learning through appropriate courses

o    You will meet with financial team to implement strategies and establish revenue goals

You will work with executive-level Managers, and providing relevant feedback about performance of teams and individual employees 

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