Commercial Jobs in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly innovating, developing new drugs and treatments to improve health and well-being, but these breakthroughs can only reach patients with a dedicated commercial team behind them. Explore exciting commercial roles within marketing, sales, distribution, and more.

Commercial Pharmaceutical Opportunities

What is the commercial side of the pharmaceutical industry?

In the world of life sciences, “commercial” encompasses activities such as marketing, sales, and distribution for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products, medical devices, and other healthcare innovations. It’s where you can drive awareness, promote cutting-edge products, and ensure life-changing treatments reach those who need them most.

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What are commercial roles within the pharma industry? 

Here is a glimpse into the diverse and impactful world of commercial pharmaceutical careers:


From market research to product branding, advertising, and promotion – marketing efforts aim to raise awareness of products or services among healthcare professionals, patients, and other relevant stakeholders.


Working directly with decision-makers and buyers at hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers, sales roles help to create new distribution channels, provide product information, and address customer queries.

Supply Chain

Distribution and supply chain roles involve management of the logistics of getting products from the manufacturer to the end-user. This may include inventory management, warehousing, transportation, and order fulfilment.

Market Access

Market access teams work to maximise product availability ensuring product supply and reimbursement agreements are in place with insurance providers, healthcare programs, and other payers.

Account Management

Key account managers build and maintain relationships with customers such as large hospitals, healthcare systems, and group purchasing organisations to ensure a continuous partnership with excellent service.

Business Development

Business development teams are responsible for identifying and pursuing opportunities for growth, such as partnerships, licensing agreements, and acquisitions to expand market presence, drive revenue, and foster innovation.

Commercial Pharmaceutical Opportunities

Why choose a commercial role in the pharmaceutical industry?

Commercial roles can be highly rewarding, allowing candidates to:

  • Play a crucial role in bringing innovative products to market.
  • Optimise distribution channels and drive revenue growth.
  • Ensure that life-saving products are accessible to patients who need them.
  • Collaborate with diverse teams and stakeholders to understand their needs.
  • Engage in an exciting and fast-paced work environment.
Commercial Pharmaceutical Opportunities

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions about commercial roles in pharmaceuticals


What is commercial excellence in pharmaceuticals?

Commercial excellence in pharmaceuticals refers to the optimisation of commercial strategies and operations to maximise the value and impact of pharmaceutical products – whether it’s new medication, medical devices, or other products. By implementing best practices across marketing, sales, distribution, market access, and customer relationship management, the pharmaceutical industry can run more efficiently and address customer needs effectively. 


What skills are essential for success in commercial pharma roles?

While our team will guide you throughout the hiring process and provide tailored recommendations for upskilling and resources, the key skills across most pharma roles include:

  • Analytical skills – for example, the ability to analyse market trends, sales data, and customer needs to make informed decisions.
  • Communication skills – including effective communication with stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, clients, and team members.
  • Relationship building and networking skills – developing and maintaining strong relationships with key customers and partners.
  • Strategic planning skills – creating and implementing strategies to achieve business objectives and market growth, as well as tracking KPIs. 
  • Project management skills – for example, managing multiple projects and deadlines to provide timely delivery of products and services.


Why choose a career in commercial pharmaceuticals?

A career in commercial pharmaceuticals offers the opportunity to work at the intersection of science, business, and healthcare. It also allows you to contribute to bringing new, innovative treatments to market and improving patient outcomes, as well as providing continuous professional development opportunities that lead to diverse career paths and career growth. 


How can I get started in a commercial pharma role?

To get started in a commercial pharma role, you typically need a relevant educational background in life sciences, business, or a related field; though experience gained through other positions in marketing, sales, or related areas can be beneficial. Speak to our team about available and upcoming roles to find out more.