Aug 2022 - Client: LumiraDX

Founded in 2014, LumiraDX is at the cutting edge of high-accuracy diagnostics for community healthcare. Established by a group of entrepreneurs with a successful track record in building and scaling diagnostics and health IT businesses, one of those – Multi-Sense Technologies – has been an Entrust client since 2015.

Prior to the global pandemic, we supported the company in the growth of its Stirling base and associated R&D, commercial, manufacturing and quality control activity.

However, the rebrand of Multi-Sense to LumiraDX also saw a period of additional growth for its Scottish operations, as it created new sites in the Central Belt.

Throughout that process, Entrust has worked in a non-exclusive partnership with the company to ensure its projected growth of 1,000 new personnel became a sustainable reality via smart talent acquisition.

  • Non-exclusive contract, competing with five additional talent providers.
  • 9 month period from June 2019 – 46% of all placements made by Entrust Resource Solutions.
  • Partnership approach creates context to provide committed, sustainable workforce.
  • Contract and permanent roles filled.
  • Critical Head of Operations required to oversee transition to new facility.
  • ERS working with UK government to facilitate fast-track of international hire.
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Broader Horizons

Non-exclusive agreements will always bring challenges, as each talent acquisition company is generally searching within the same talent pool.

However, despite competing with five additional talent providers we have been responsible for the placement of a significant portion of roles. For example in the 9 month period from June 2019, 46% of all LumiraDX placements were made by Entrust Resource Solutions.

This result was made possible due to our extended talent networks. Whilst headquartered in Scotland, our company’s UK and Europe-wide footprint provides access to previously untapped Life Sciences talent.

Our success was further supported by our access to a wide range of talent. Whilst we are specialists in Life Sciences, we do not limit our reach to just one specialism within the sector. We excel in a variety of specialisms to allow us to offer a more complete service to clients.

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A Partnership Approach, Creating the “New” 

Having worked with the company on a long-term basis, we have the knowledge and history of our client at our fingertips, to help us dig a little deeper and ensure that we’re providing accurate matches for their vacancies.

We don’t rely on volume of candidates – instead, we provide the quality that ensures a positive, long-term outcome, and this includes our access to some of the industry’s rising stars. The most obvious choice of candidate may not be the right candidate – and only Entrust has that level of client understanding to open up new candidate possibilities that we are confident will work.

Our inherent knowledge and understanding of LumiraDX also gives us the tools with which to attract the best talent (at whatever stage in their career); we’re able to give insight into the company values, objectives, ethos – all critical components when it comes to the right candidate attraction.

We know what the potential is within the Life Sciences industry, and that’s why we’re working hard to increase the talent pool available, encouraging our clients to think a little outside the box when it comes to recruitment, in order to encourage and sustain the required growth and sustainability of the UK and European Life Sciences industry.

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Managing the Growth

Sometimes a company on the verge of exponential growth can seem overwhelming to potential candidates: how do they fit in to the journey? Will they be seen as individuals?

Critical to the success of our work with the expanding LumiraDX was to be able to realistically respond to any reservations, due to our detailed understanding of the company strategy and its overall approach.

In this respect, it was equally important to manage LumiraDX’s expectations; providing the latest updates on Life Sciences talent trends, whilst making them aware that a growing business does not always attract those candidates that they think it should.

Utilising our open, honest relationship with the client, we have managed their growth plans, creating a skilled workforce which is culturally attuned to their ethos, and therefore committed to their roles.

We continue to work closely with LumiraDX, and have placed over XX candidates during the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic alone. Our relationship has continued to provide them with sustainable workforce in the most critical of circumstances. That’s the mark of a genuine partnership approach to talent acquisition.