Aug 2022 - Client: Concept Life Sciences (a Malvern Panalytical brand)

Entrust’s relationship with research and manufacturing expert, Concept, began in 2012, based upon the success we had achieved for one it its key stakeholders (Dundee-based CXR) in providing a range of talent from C-suite to laboratory bench roles.

Manchester-headquartered Concept was initially made up of six acquisitions designed to challenge the existing marketplace. Entrust was appointed to roll out the activity we had undertaken for its predecessor in Dundee, across the UK.

  • Long-standing client.
  • Exclusive retained agreement - core Entrust team dedicated to account.
  • ERS solutions/approach overcame challenges where other suppliers had failed.
  • Filled 20+ hard to source chemist/analytical roles.
  • Two-way relationship, client encouraged to invest time in brand.
  • Challenges - location, previous high turnover.
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Internal Relationships

Working closely with the company’s internal HR and Talent team as a preferred supplier on a project basis had created good results, but those results have shifted up to next level when we work with the company on a retained level to address some legacy challenges within areas of the business.

A business with huge growth potential, our retained talent acquisition service has played a important role in acquisition of roles which are fundamental to the company’s future and sustainable success.

Retained relationships provide the time required to understand our clients’ pain points and the opportunities they hold for potential employees, before sourcing the candidates most suited to the role and – crucially – the company’s values and objectives.

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Managing a Client’s Brand

HR is changing. In-house HR teams are now aware that their company’s brand and reputation can significantly impact on their ability to attract talent; recruitment is a two-way street in 2022 and companies – like Concept – who are honest enough to admit this are ahead of the game.

We’ve worked closely with Concept’s HR team to ensure the company story is being taken to market, that the benefits of working with this company are tangible, that the techniques the tools and the facilities they’ll be working with are state-of-the-art.

Our experience proves that this approach to talent acquisition bears significant results, building and maintaining a robust workforce.

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Retained = Results

Where we work on a retained basis, our clients know they have a specific amount of our time committed to their company. And “committed” is not an overstatement; we thrive on becoming a part of the team and this is exactly how we operate at Concept.

The ongoing results we can achieve on a retained basis and the key performance indicators we set ourselves give us the time to amass an in-depth understanding of the client and their objectives, as well as the opportunity to explore the less-obvious candidate market.

Results? A robust talent acquisition programme, with a sustainable, steady workforce to facilitate growth and development.